Cathy Houghton (Independent Practitioner)

It is my business to help women Thrive, Flourish and Blossom.

I help women feel better about their bodies and their lives.  I coach them to find Peace and Balance around eating, and wellbeing.

I specialise in working with women who have been battling their patterns of eating, their food intake, their weight, their hormones, for perhaps many years.  I want to help women end their internal battles. 

As an Eating Disorder Practitioner I coach on compulsive / emotional / binge eating, and bulimia.

As a Weight Loss Practitioner, I coach women on how to lose weight in a non diet way using gentle nutrition and techniques that boost self esteem and body respect.   This approach works well with women who have been trying, mainly unsuccessfully to keep weight off for years - serial dieters, yo-yo dieters, or  those who take being 'healthy' a bit too far.

As a Health Coach I coach women on all aspects of their lives that might be troubling to them, and therefore affecting their health and wellbeing.  Sleep, movement, relationships, purpose - all have an important role to play.  I am passionate about helping women to age well - before, in and after the menopause.  The way we look after ourselves during these years is so important to how we experience the mid-life transition. Lastly,  as a Culinary Medicine Coach I can help women who have a pre-diagnosed medical condition to eat the right foods that can assist with healing, alongside their existing medical treatment.

Coaching is about transformation, habit change, a little learning, and about self-discovery.  Its about learning what works best for you, helping you take charge of your wellness, supporting you to be an expert on yourself. 

I coach women individually online, and from the therapy room at Nature’s Bounty.  From time to time I run group coaching sessions, please check my website for details and prices.

Cathy can be contacted on: -

07972 374150



Warm and well wishes

Cathy Houghton

Helping women Thrive, Flourish, Blossom.     

 07972 374150           

I am an Integrated Nutition Health Coach specialising in Disordered Eating (binge eating, compulsive eating, emotional eating).

I coach women on overeating, wellbeing, weight loss, and mid-life transition.


Therapists work independently at Nature's Bounty on a self-employed basis